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Medinet Mail FAQs

How do I send secure email?

If you use Microsoft Outlook, it's the same way you send normal email. Just click on the "New Secure" button on the Medinet Mail toolbar, and your message will travel through our secure servers, direct to the destination.

Otherwise, use our secure Webmail app. It works the same way. All your secure correspondence is held in one place, and you can get access anywhere you have an Internet connection.

How do I sign up for Medinet Mail?

Signing up for Medinet Mail is easy. Fill out our simple online form. We will get you s et up as quickly as possible.

What do I use it for?

Physicians will find many different uses for our secure email. You can exchange confidential patient information  with colleagues, send medical histories and consultation letters to other medical offices, request appointments, all in a completely safe and secure environment.

We expect that some physicians will want to use Medinet Mail to communicate securely with patients. Since patients can send and receive messages at no charge once they are set up as a guest, keeping in touch becomes easy and convenient.

Why do I need secure email?

In the usual case, Internet mail travels from your desktop to your outbound mail server. From there, it is routed over a series of third-party mail servers until it reaches the mail server for the address you sent it to. From there, the final user will download it. All these transfers happens in plain text, so the contents of your message and any attachments are wide open for spam readers, security hackers and other dangerous elements.

You and your local mail provider have no control over which mail servers your message might hit as it travels to the destination.

What kind of information is private?

Private information is anything that identifies a patient or another person who is the subject of your email. So patient names, PHNs, home addresses and the like cannot be sent over plain email. Since Messaging emails are encrypted  and travel directly to your addressee over our secure network, you are always within compliance with the BCMA Physician Privacy Toolkit rules.

How does it work?

Messages travel from your desktop over a secure channel to our mail servers. If your addressee is a Medinet Mail user, it will go directly to the Outlook or webmail inbox. If your addressee is not a user yet, they will get a message from us asking them to register as a guest on the system. This is a one-time setup; from there on, messages will arrive automatically.

Each message has a delivery slip, that shows the sender when it is received and read. Good for information that you don't want to go astray.

What about attachments?

You can attach documents, lab reports, medical histories and other confidential information to your messages, and they will travel safely and securely over our encrypted channels.

When can I start using it?

Give us some contact information. We'll set up a Registered User account for you and you're ready to go.

How much does it cost?

As a registered user you can send a secure email to anyone with a valid email address. They become guest users, and can only use the system to communicate with you.

There is a flat monthly fee of $15 for single person accounts. There is no charge for guest users. Your subscription begins with a free 5 day trial. Contact us about pricing for large groups or shared accounts.

Next steps

Register here. Start thinking about how you can improve your practice by using Medinet Mail – Secure Email & Attachments.